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ChinaLatex additivesIndustry leader

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  • 505

    Frost Prevention Agent 505SpecificationsItemsSpecificationsAppearanceGray powdercontent,%,99.8PH6-8 Applicat... [more]

  • AW

    Antiageing Agent AWChemical name:6 - Ethoxy -2,2,4 - trimethyl-1,2 - dihydro-quinoline CAS# 95-31-8Speci... [more]

  • 285

    Antiageing Agent 285Chemical name:butylated reaction Products of p-cresol and dicyclopentadiene CAS# 68... [more]

  • Antioxidant 264(BHT)Chemical name:2,6-Dl-tert-butyl-4-methylphenolStructural formula Molecular formula C15H... [more]

  • Rubber Accelerator ZDBC(BZ)chemical name:Zinc Dibutyl DithiocarbamateStructural formula: Molecular formula ... [more]

  • Rubber Accelerator ZMBT(MZ)chemical name:Zinc salt of 2-mercaptobenzothiazoleStructural formula: Molecular ... [more]

  • Rubber Accelerator ZDECchemical name:Zinc DiethyldithiocarbamateStructural formula: Molecular Fromula C1... [more]

  • Insoluble SulfurSpecifications ItemSpecifications Non oil-extendedOil filled typeIS60IS90IS70-20IS60-33IS60... [more]

  • DCP

    Tasteess Vulcanizator DCPChemical name Bis (tert butyl peroxy isopropyl benzene)Molecular formula C6 H4[ ... [more]

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    Dayton TV screen

    We serve the industry

    Sincere treatment of customers, and customers to establish a trust relationship with the person in charge of the attitude, anxious customers anxious, want customers to think

    Latex industry

    the main service industry latex latex pillows, mattress, gloves (medical and labor), balloons, rubber thread and ot...

    Photovoltaic industry

     the solar photovoltaic industry, the main service EVA plastic mold manufacturers and plastic particles plant. more+

    Coating industry

    the paint industry, the major service matting agent, latex paint, varnish and other customers.

    Rubber industry

    the rubber industry major service Cots, belt, conveyor belt, shock absorption and other pieces of the customer base.<...


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  • Strong comprehensive strength

    China latex additives industry leader in 12 well-known international brand agents, there are more than 10 products in the latex industry certification comprehensive strength!

  • Good products, economic benefits

    12 well-known international brand agents, there are more than 10 brands of bar code equipment certification engineer strong comprehensive strength. The United States and the United States a variety of materials, cost-effective!

  • Quality assurance, trustworthy

    China latex additives industry leader in 12 well-known international brand agents, there are more than 10 products in the latex industry certification comprehensive strength!

  • Wireless network solutions

    Strong R & D team, can help enterprises to build safe and reliable wireless network solution scheme of bar code and radio frequency identification technology combined, improve efficiency, reduce waste and cost control, and to gather information more accurate and more timely.

  • After sales service

    Have excellent and professional after-sales service team, 10 minutes to respond to customer calls, 24 hours of manufacturers all day technical support.

  • content,%,99.8PH6-8 Applications Insoluble S...[more]

  • noline CAS# 95-31-8Specifications ItemS...[more]

  • cyclopentadiene CAS# 68610-51-5Molecular...[more]

  • mula Molecular formula C15H24OMolecular Weig...[more]

  • formula: Molecular formula C18H30N2S4ZnMole...[more]

  • uctural formula: Molecular Fromula C14H8N2...[more]

  • la: Molecular Fromula C10H20N2S4ZnMolecul...[more]

  • peIS60IS90IS70-20IS60-33IS60-10IS60-05Appeara...[more]

  • )Molecular formula C6 H4[ C (CH3) 2 OOC(CH4...[more]

  • olecular formula C12H15N3O3Molecular Weight ...[more]

  • e)Molecular formula C6 H4[ C (CH3) 2 OOC(CH...[more]

  • ecular formula C16H34N3O4Molecular Weight 2...[more]

  • (C5H10O2S4)nSpecifications ItemSpecifications...[more]

  • Molecular formula C12H15N3O3Molecular Weig...[more]

  • yloxy) triazineStructural formulaMolecular fo...[more]

  • peIS60IS90IS70-20IS60-33IS60-10IS60-05Appeara...[more]

  • emsSpecificationsAppearanceYellow or brown po...[more]

  • 加熱減量,%,0.50灰份,,%0.50篩余物(150μm),%,0.10 用途 適用丙...[more]

  • C18H36N2S3Structural formula: CAS: 204376-00...[more]

  • ructural formula: Molecular Fromula C14H8...[more]

  • ral formula: Molecular Fromula C18H20N2S4Z...[more]

  • formula: Molecular Fromula C6H12N2S4ZnMole...[more]

  • la: Molecular Fromula C10H20N2S4ZnMolecul...[more]

  • formula: Molecular formula C18H30N2S4ZnMo...[more]

  • al formula: Molecular Fromula C 30H28S4ZnN...[more]

  • al formula: Molecular Fromula C6H12N2 S3Mo...[more]

  • ctural formula: Molecular Fromula C10H20N...[more]

  • mula: Molecular Fromula C30H28S4N2Molecula...[more]

  • l formula: Molecular Fromula C9H18NS2NaMol...[more]

  • Molecular Fromula C3H6N2SMolecular Weight ...[more]

  • : Molecular Fromula C13H12N2SMolecular We...[more]

  • ructural formula: Molecular Fromula C12H20...[more]

  • lecular Fromula C13H13N3Molecular Weight ...[more]

  • azoleMolecularFormula C16H16N4S2ZnMolecula...[more]

  • diamine) Structural formula Molecular formu...[more]

  • osphite; tris (nonylphenyl)Molecular formula ...[more]

  • tionsSPSP-CSP-WAppearance (visual)Light yello...[more]

  • tyleneSpecifications ItemSpecifications1st ...[more]

  • formulaMolecular formula C 18 H 36 N 2 S ...[more]

  • -10-6Structural Formula Specifications Items...[more]

  • rFormula (C7H5N2S)2ZnStructural Formula Sp...[more]

  • Molecular formula C ...[more]

  • ormula C18H6N2Molecular Weight 260.34Sp...[more]

  • phenylenediamineMolecular formula C20H20N2Mo...[more]

  • tructural formula Molecular formula C20H27...[more]

  • inolineCAS# 95-31-8 Specifications ItemSp...[more]

  • uctural formulaMolecular formula C23H32O2Mo...[more]

  • ineStructural formula Molecular Weight ...[more]

  • icyclopentadiene CAS# 68610-51-5Molecular...[more]

  • mulaMolecular formula C15H24OMolecular Weigh...[more]

  • ionsItemSpecificationsOptimal gradeFirstEster...[more]

  • in water of any hardnessPH7~9Chemical Proper...[more]

  • c Zinc (on Zn),%,——Lead oxide (on Pb),%,0.0...[more]

  • urning loss,%25-32Heavy metal,%,0.2Moisture%,...[more]

  • pe nonionicSpecifications: ItemSpecificati...[more]

  • idcontent,%,99PH6-8 Applications This produc...[more]

  • content,%,99.8PH6-8 Applications This produc...[more]

  • alline powder or white powderContents,,%97.0M...[more]

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  • ShangHai YangJi

  • NingBo TaiPingYang

  • HuBei LiKang

  • HangZhou MaoFu

  • About Us

    Shanghai dunmei New Material Technology Co., Ltd

    Shanghai dunmei New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a new material technology enterprise integrating technical consultation, technical service, R & D and sales of rubber and plastic additives. The company independently owns two invention patents. The purpose of the company is to realize the localization and popularization of high-end rubber and plastic additives. The company's goal is to become a leader in China's latex additives industry and a professional supplier of solar EVA film additives. The company is located at No. 558, dongdaming Road, North Bund, Shanghai. It is mainly engaged in the technical development and sales service of crosslinking agent, frost inhibitor and latex additives, latex stabilizer and antioxidant aw66.





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